I’m an independent 2D animator specialising in cartoon/character and illustrative animation in a variety of styles.

My experience includes several years working on both adult and children’s TV series for BBC and ITV (eg 2DTV, Modern Toss, Horrible Histories, The Secret Show), creating short films to order from script editing through to post-production, creating the visuals for interactive animation for corporate presentations and directing animation for TV programmes and commercials (Monkey Dust, Viz, Irn Bru).

I can create short films on request in a range of styles, and like to work with clients to find a fresh and distinctive look and technique that suits their budget and message. I’m happy to work independently or as part of a creative team, and either directly for clients or via a creative agency or production company.

Feel free to contact me with any queries or just a general chat about what you might need.

Links to more commissioned work can be found on the blog page.
More information about the films on this page can be found on the portfolio page.
TV character animation showreel available on request.