Sport Scotland

Here’s a short film for Sport Scotland I worked on earlier this year – partly traditional frame by frame animation, computer-composited whiteboard animation. Visuals are all my own work except for the drawing hand. This was produced by Joseph Atkinson.


Animation by microbes

I wasn’t too pleased to find that a few of my old paperbacks were being eaten by bookworms, but was fascinated to notice that the trails they make as they bore their way through the pages work as a flip-book – one in which the pattern isn’t a creative recreation of life but an analogue record of life itself. It would be amazing to make a whole film from book damage of this type, but I expect it’s hard to find worm-eaten books that haven’t been thrown away!




M C Escher style animation

I made this years ago but was reminded of it by and animated version of a mural by M C Escher that appeared of Facebook recently. I wanted to see if it was possible to create an Escher-type repeating pattern that would animate/ This is bit of a cheat as the animated frames aren’t true repeating patterns. Maybe I’ll have another go sometime.