“Livewires” animated loops (3)

Another loop I made years ago for Newcastle’s Discovery Museum. I like the ‘paper’ look so I’ve left in all the little ink smudges and creases rather than clean them up as i did for the actual installation. Drawing them on paper wasn’t so much a creative choice on the original project – it was the best hardware I had at the time!

animated loop (drawing)
livewires loop 3

“Livewires” animated loops (2)

Another one from the Discovery Museum. I tried to make these animated loops look longer than they actually are. If you follow one character through the whole routine he takes about ten seconds to walk on, haul the next guy up, get helped up himself, then help the next guy up then fall off, but the whole loop is only 34 drawings.  I’ve re-scanned these from the original paper drawings, which is why you can see the paper texture – I left that in because I like the look. I think there’s something a bit more magical about animation that’s happening in the real world, such as on sheet of paper, rather than totally within a computer.

Discovery Museum ‘Livewires’ facility

One of my first animation jobs was to create some loops for an interactive educational facility at the Discovery Museum in Newcastle. Each of about twelve animations would reflect a particular educational theme – this one being geography. I was already a bit old-fashioned by doing all my artwork on paper but, come to think of it, it was a museum, so why not?  I still have the drawings so I thought I’d pull them out and give them a makeover (by kind permission of the museum). I think they make pretty good GIFs.