Irn Bru advert

Here’s an advert for Irn Bru that I worked on as animation director for London studio Sherbet. This was very popular in Scotland when it came out, even if a lot of parents complained about how it upset their children!  I was mainly directing on this job, but I also did some of the animation, including the final shot. Most of the drawing was by three of London’s leading traditional animators – Paul Stone, Peter Dodd and Teddy Hall. Paul Stone has worked on most of the traditionally-animated film and TV productions make in London in the last 30 years. Peter Dodd is currently working on Raymond Briggs’s “Ethel and Ernest”, and Teddy Hall worked on Disney’s “Hercules”. Laurie J Proud did the character designs, and the producer for Sherbet was Jonathan Bairstow. 

IrnBru – Animals from Sherbet on Vimeo.

Following the success and popularity of the multi award winning Irn Bru – Phenomenal Xmas, The Leith Agency commissioned Sherbet to produce a follow up ad.

The agency and their client AG Barr, needed hand drawn, traditionally cute and cuddly cartoon animals, to maximize the ad’s punchy and outrageous humour.
directed by Dennis Sisterson – animation by Sherbet!/weareSherbet