Whiteboard animation

This isĀ one of a series of telestrations (aka whiteboard animation) I did for AQA. These were drawn in marker pen on a large sheet of paper – so unlike doing all the work on a computer, the client could take the artwork away as a souvenir. No room for mistakes though, so these projects have to be carefully worked out in advance. I start by creating a storyboard to the client’s script, then they provide me with a voice track for the narration. I combine this with the storyboard to create an animatic, or rough draft of the finished film. One that’s approved I do a ‘dry run’ of the finished artwork in my own studio on a large sheet of paper, exactly as the finished drawing will appear, except for any last-minute revisions on the day. I take this drawing along to the photography studio then draw a copy of it under a camera that records the procedure in time-lapse. This is a highly-focused few hours as the artwork must all be drawn in the correct order, and any mistakes are tricky to correct in post-production. An alternative to creating one large drawing for a film of several minutes is of course to do several smaller ones. This is more cost-effective as it can be done in a smaller space and easily revised if necessary. Studio facilities for this series were provided by Touchdown Studios of Teddington. Photography by Jonathan Palmer. Produced by TwoFour Digital.